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Our Unique Preschool Music Program
The most important ingredient to our classes is FUN! Your Child will get their first introduction to music, and they will leave Musical Munchkins with a great ear for different rhythmic and melodic sounds and of course, they'll be joyfully singing! Our carefully developed curriculum, our well-trained, professional staff, our use of high-quality instruments and props, and our sensitivity to each developmental stage of your child's musical experience all reflect our total commitment to excellence in early childhood music education. 

Why do children need music? As humans, we all speak, sing, move and dance as a natural part of who we are. Yet music is often seen as only geared for those who are gifted. Research proves, however, that children exposed to music can later learn more quickly, and show more advanced verbal, cognitive and analytical skills. Our classes include a variety of musical experiences such as singing, chanting, instruments, movement, dancing, song stories, books, movement props and puppets to encourage active participation. Our little musicians are exposed to many forms of ethnic and American heritage musical selections. 

Your children will learn how to keep a beat, enhance their sense of rhythm, pitch, meter and melody - thereby honing speech, language, listening and focusing skills! What's more, they are gaining self-confidence and self-esteem! Musical Munchkins kids also learn important social interaction skills, such as sharing, taking turns, and how to be part of a group. 
Why is an age-specific program best for my child?
Frequently Asked Questions
Every parent knows how quickly children "outgrow" toys, books and educational materials-why should a music class be any different? A pull toy wouldn't be satisfying enough for a 4-year old, nor would an infant be ready for imaginary play. As children mature from babies to Kindergarten age, the developmental changes are incredible, and our curriculum "grows" with them from semester to semester. Music programs which offer mainly mixed-age groups have a curriculum which is geared toward the average age of 2-1/2. Musical Munchkins students find it easy to stay focused for an entire class, because our curriculum is 100% age-appropriate and fun. We offer separate classes for 5 different age groups from infants to age 4, with 4 unique semesters per year. Each of these semesters is different in content.
Will my child feel pressured to perform in the activities?
Never! At Musical Munchkins, we always offer opportunities for participation and the children are encouraged, never forced. Since our program is so well suited to each developmental stage, most children are ready for the activities we present to them and they are quite proud of their accomplishments!
Can I bring my infant baby to class while attending with my older child?
Yes, infants are welcome up until they no longer want to stay in their infant seat. Our classes, however, are designed for the full attention and participation of the parent or caregiver. Bringing babysitter, mother's helper or grandparent to class, if needed, to hold and attend to your younger child, is a great help.
If the class is for my child, why do I need to participate?
Can't I just watch, since it's his class? Even though classes are lead by a professional musician and teacher, your child still models his or her behavior after yours. If you are enthusiastic and you participate, chances are your child will too! Also, many of our activities are designed specifically for an adult and child to do together, so your child needs your full participation.
What if my child doesn't participate?
Think about the first time you learned something new. You probably needed to watch a few times before actually trying it. If this is a new experience for your child, it may take 4 to 6 weeks before he/she adjusts to the parameters of the class. If your child is sitting attentively and watching the teachers he/she is practicing the most important skill required in music - listening. Parents seem to be most concerned about the "observer" child, who likes to watch during class but is not "actively" participating. Don't worry-each child has his own unique timetable and will eventually join in! Your child will take everything in and will most likely sing, dance and do everything at home! You may wish to videotape a class so that your "observant" child has opportunities to join on his own timetable.
Is the 3's and 4's a drop off class?
No it is not. Parents are required to remain on the premises. A parent will be asked each week to remain in the class to observe and attend to any child who needs to see their parent.
Do you have any mixed age classes?
Yes, but only in the summer. We do this to accommodate the older siblings who are out of school. We offer this class to children 1-4 years of age.
How structured is this class?
More structured than a gym-type class, however, we take into consideration the needs of our young students. We provide much needed movement interspersed with engaging stationary activities. In this way your toddler will learn to accommodate a somewhat structured environment.
How should we dress?
How often are materials washed?
Wear anything you would feel comfortable in while sitting on the floor.
Instruments and props are cleaned after each use.
Parents Are Talking
My 20 month old daughter and I LOVE Musical Munchkins. The teacher, Miss Mila, is absolutely wonderful. She is patient, talented, soft-spoken, and very understanding. All qualities that parents as well as children appreciate. This class is teaching my daughter how to understand, pay attention, and clean up. Keep up the great work! 
Lily Rich, Daughter – Liana Rich

If you are considering taking a class with your child, choose Musical Munchkins. Not only does my daughter absolutely love the music, activities and people, I look forward to the class every week. It is literally one of the best parts of our week. Musical Munchkins has been such a positive addition to our week. Both my daughter and I love our class. The combination of music, movement and social interaction is perfect for babies and toddlers (and parents, too!). It has been so much fun to watch each child change and develop over the course of two semesters of Musical Munchkins. I believe that one of the reasons our class is such a success is because our teacher has gotten to know each child as well as the personality of the class. She has created such a fun and stimulating environment for everyone! 
Daughters – Sarah D’Ercole, 1 year old and Abigail D’Ercole, 14 mths

​I have had my daughter enrolled in Musical Munchkins with Amy since she was 10 months old. She is now 2 ½ and it is amazing how much she has learned in Amy’s class. The Musical Munchkins curriculum is age appropriate. Amy really knows how to teach at the children’s comprehension level. It amazes me to watch a group of 2 year olds grasp the different music tempos and beats. Musical Munchkins has been a wonderful experience for us. The classes are fun and educational. 
Marla Feldman

​Musical Munchkins is a fantastic program! Through the use of musical instruments, singing, movement, stories and props, the children are introduced to many musical concepts at an age appropriate level. Without even knowing it, they are learning about tempo, pitch and dynamics in a fun, relaxed environment. The teachers are amazing as they engage their little students throughout the class. As a mom I am so thankful for the Musical Munchkins program. My daughter looks forward to class each week, and so do I. 
Daughter – Julia Staffin 2 ½ years

My seventeen month old daughter, Anna has loved going to Musical Munchkins since she was nine months. I too have enjoyed going because I have made some really nice friends there. It has been such a pleasure watching her develop skills she has learned in class. Whereas she use to put all of the instruments in her mouth, now she plays with anticipation of the music. Ms. Eileen is a wonderful teacher who is always so energetic and caring. She knows it’s time to stand up and start dancing and moving when she senses that the little ones are getting squirmy. I like the fact that Musical Munchkins follows an age appropriate curriculum because I now that Anna will be moving along a continuum. I can’t wait to listen to the CD that will come out soon. 
Sherie Barge

​My 2 ½ year old twins and I look forward to our Musical Munchkins class each week. The music and activities are uniquely age-appropriate and each child is allowed the opportunity to participate as an individual. I could never have imagined that my kids could overcome their shyness by playing a solo instrument in front of a whole class but they have done so. We’ve tried several other music classes and Musical Munchkins is our favorite by far. 
Maria Boucher, Daughters – Isabelle and Elise

 I tried several classes in different locations until I found the perfect fit. I am now in a class where my daughter has made friends, learned about music and had lots of fun. If you are not happy with a class, it’s worth switching or trying a new one before leaving the program. Miss. Mila is a patient, sweet teacher. She always makes us feel welcome and is accepting of the typical 1 year old behavior. She changes the music to suit the children’s needs. 
Elisa Goldklay

"After comparing the music classes available, I realize that what makes Munchkins special is the combination of learning and fun. My children enjoy all the classes, but I know that Munchkins is secretly prepping them for pre-school and teaching them a lot about much more than music every week. I can't wait to return again this time with my third child." 
Patrice Athanasidy

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