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Westchester: Save $25 to $45 per session!
We love to thank our customers for continuing our classes.
Get 10% off your second session.
Get 15% off your 3rd session! (back to back sessions)
*For returning customers only.
*Must be back to back sessions as we are encouraging you to follow the curriculum as your child grows.
Call the office for a discount code before re-registering.

Fall Session - 12 Weeks: $300.00
Winter Session - 10 Weeks: $250.00
Spring Session - 10 Weeks: $250.00
Summer Session - 8 Weeks: $200.00

Registration: Spaces are reserved upon receipt of your registration form in the office. You'll receive confirmation for your class, after we receive your paid registration.

Refunds: Once your child's space is reserved no refunds can be given. Class credit can be obtained prior to start date with written notification.

Class Cancellation: Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. At 7:30am the office message and our website will reflect our decision. If schools in your area are closed we usually will close as well.

Make-up: If you miss one of your weekly classes you may call to arrange another class on a different day. Please understand that our class sizes are limited therefore we can only allow up to 2 make-ups.

Returned Check: There is a $10.00 fee for returned checks.

Please note: It is possible that your check may not be cashed until the first week of your session.

Visitors: Call in advance if you wish to bring a visitor to class.
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