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Music Parties for Toddlers,
Music Parties for Babies,
Music Parties for Preschoolers!
A grand, good old time guaranteed!   Our experienced, well trained musicians (all Musical Munchkins teachers as well) will lead your little partiers through dancing, drumming, singing, and pretend plays with dancing scarves, shakers, props and puppets!  This is ideal entertainment for children under 6 because we engage every child in music that's made just for them!  They will love it!   Ask anyone that's had us lead their party to success!  

Up to 15 children......$275.
Up to 25 children.....$300.
26 + children.............$350.

Note: Over 35 children will require sound gear and extra equipment. Please call for pricing.

A $50.00 deposit will reserve your party date.

You provide the site, and we will provide the entertainment.

Entertainment runs 45-55 minutes, and can include singing Happy Birthday with the guitar when the cake candles are lit.  

FREE Musical Munchkins CD as a Gift for the Birthday Child - value $15.00!

Full Length "Best of Musical Munchkins" Party Favor CD's are available to you at $1 each as a special offering for Parties only.

For information about parties, or our weekly music classes, call (914) 771-7000
Nursery Schools and Child Care Sites
Musical Munchkins currently brings their delightful interactive program to nursery schools and child care centers all over Westchester County. Whether you are looking for a one-time enrichment program for your school or a regular monthly, bi-monthly or weekly class, we have many options that will suit your needs.

If you would like recommendations from other nursery school directors we are currently in the following schools:

 •  YWCA of White Plains Nursery School
 •  YWCA of White Plains Child Care Center
 •  Hitchcock Nursery School of Scarsdale
 •  Creative Playtime Nursery School of Scarsdale

We have worked in:

 •  Kol Ami Nursery School of White Plains
 •  White Plains Hebrew Center Nursery School
 •  Asbury Nursery School in Yonkers
 •  Presbyterian Church of White Plains Nursery School

Library Programs
​About Us
Musical Munchkins has reached children with our music in so many of our Westchester Libraries. Our musical program is interactive using multi-culturally inspired instruments, drumming, movement, multi-language songs, pretend play, and even song versions of your favorite story books. We know how to give kids what they need while making sure that they feel excitement and joy on their trip to the library!
If our programs inspire your families to want to stay at the library and check out books and connect to their library friends, then we have done our job and helped you to give them something they can't get anywhere else but the library!

We have done parenting classes for our local librarians, story times and special music programs for the following libraries: and we are sure that the children's librarians would be happy to give us a recommendation for our program!

  •  Greenburgh Public Library
  •  White Plains Public Library
  •  Bedford Free Library
  •  Purchase Free Library
  •  Harrison and West Harrison Libraries
  •  Bronxville Public Library
  •  Scarsdale Library
  •  Mt. Pleasant Library
  •  Pound Ridge Library

Size and Age Ranges of Groups
We like to keep each group in the range of 10-12 children for Baby Programs and 20-25 children for age 1 and up. This makes the programs fun and manageable for all.

It is ideal to divide the groups by age into Non-Walkers (Babies), Walkers (Toddlers) and Talkers (Older Toddlers and Preschool) However, it is not absolutely essential to the success of our work. We will adapt to whatever you need in order to accomplish your goals in having us come to your library.

If you need for us to do a very large group or auditorium program, just let us know so that we can arrange for amplification and the amount of instruments and equipment we will need.

Please Call (914) 771-7000 for pricing of nursery school programs.

Summer 2014 - Musical Munchkins at the Bronx Zoo!
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